Choose a PeakSmart air-conditioner to be eligible for a reward of up to $400.
The reward amount depends on the cooling capacity of your new PeakSmart model.

Cooling capacity Reward available
Less than 4kW $0 – No Longer Available
4kW but less than 10kW $200
10kW or more $400

Want to get involved?

  1. Contact our office and discuss your peaksmart options with our friendly staff.
  2. Request your free signal receiver pack from Energex  (allow 5 days for delivery) or we can supply one on request.
  3. We will install the air conditioning unit, the signal receiver and complete the installation form with you.
  4. You can then apply for your cash back online at Energex 

Once approved, your reward will be deposited into your nominated bank account within 28 days.

The simple, comfortable choice

PeakSmart air-conditioning has been designed by major air-conditioning manufacturers and adheres to industry standards. It works via a signal receiver, a small device installed in PeakSmart air-conditioners that remotely tells the air-conditioner to cap its energy consumption when the electricity network reaches peak demand.

The technology is designed to be set and forget, so you won’t have to do anything and won’t notice a difference to your comfort.

It’s not our first time

As of the 1st February 2017, we have installed over 1000 PeakSmart signal receivers to date. Because we were one of the first few installers to pass the 1000 mark, we were presented with our own plaque by Energex. So it’s fair to say we’re pretty experienced when it comes to installing the Energex PeakSmart signal receivers.

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