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A stormwater system at your property relates to the infrastructure that carries the rainwater runoff from your property. This includes the pipework, pits, gullys & channels that help direct the runoff away from your property.

A sub-standard or poorly designed stormwater installation can be a nightmare for property owners with potential flooding occurring if it hasn’t been designed or installed correctly. Undersized or poorly laid out drainage limits the free flow of water during large rain events creating “choke” points leaving the water nowhere to go other than back up where it started. Blocked, broken, damaged or poorly maintained pipework can also lead to water backing up making flooding a high possibility. It is essential that you have a sound stormwater system at your property to cater for the large rain events that we can experience in this beautiful city. Unmaintained drains can often become difficult or unable to be cleared at which time costly excavation is required to repair or replace them.

Blocked downpipes & gutters have a high possibility of causing water ingress back into your house flooding bedrooms, living areas etc. Our recommendation is to have your gutters checked & cleaned leading up to summer & at the same time inspect your downpipes to make sure that they are flowing freely to get that rain water away. Any stormwater pits, channels or gullys around your property should also be cleaned out at the same time so that they are at their full capacity to operate during rain events.

Have you considered a rainwater tank at your property or do you have an existing one that requires replacement? Have you got a broken rainwater pump that requires repair or replacement? Our team can help with any of these points advising you of the best course of action.


  • Blocked Stormwater Pipework
  • Blocked Gutters
  • Blocked Pits
  • Blocked Gully/Channels
  • Rainwater Tanks
  • Rainwater Pumps
  • Stormwater Pipework Repairs/Replacement
  • Gutter Repairs
  • Downpipe Replacement/Repairs


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