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From humble beginnings in 1995, Advantage Air has been researching, designing and manufacturing air conditioning systems in Australia, specifically made to suit Australian conditions. Their air conditioning systems are Aussie tough and they’ll withstand the demands of a Brisbane summer.
Advantage Air take great pride in producing home grown air conditioning systems that are world class and Hewitt Trade Services are dedicated to supplying and installing these quality Australian systems.
We also have a working MyAir5 ducted air conditioner at our brand new working air conditioning showroom. You’re welcome to drop in and see for yourself just how easy to use this system really is.

MyPlace Smart Home Control

Turn your home into a smart home with MyPlace.

MyAir5 Ducted Air Control

Get ultimate air control with up to 10 zones, all from an 8-inch Internet Smart Home Control Panel

e-Zone Ducted Air Control

Let everyone find their happy number. With every room zoned independently, everyone can have their room at the temperature that suits them

Zone10E Ducted Air Control

10 Zones with integrated unit control 

Zone6 Ducted Air Control

Control up to 6 zones with a simple, easy to use system

PZK Ducted Air Control

Control up to 6 zones with a simple, easy to use system

MyLight Smart Lighting System

Control your home lights from your phone anywhere in the world.