AquaMAX Gas Storage Hot Water Systems

Reliable and Affordable, giving you MORE in Hot Water!

AquaMAX Five Star Gas water heaters have options to cover most needs. As these units are mains pressure, they can keep up with high demands. When you turn on the second, third or fourth tap, the hot water flow remains at mains pressure levels.

AquaMAX gas storage units come in high quality, stainless steel cylinders which store heated water at higher temperatures than standard water heaters and come with a 12 Year cylinder warranty.  The Compact Gas Efficiency 270L unit features the latest burner technology and sets a new standard in compact storage water heating, with excellent heating efficiency.

Aquamax Stainless Steel G340SS Gas Storage

Model: G340SS
155L/(340L First Hour Capacity)

12 Year Warranty*
Natural Gas
2-5 People
$2340.00 Supply and Installed

Aquamax Stainless Steel G270SS Gas Storage

Model: G270SS
130L/(270L First Hour Capacity)

12 Year Warranty*
Natural Gas
2-4 People
$2260.00 Supply and Installed


We supply, install and repair Gas Hot Water Systems across Brisbane!

Why Choose AquaMAX?

High Quality Stainless Steel

AquaMAX’s stainless steel cylinders can resist corrosion for longer than conventional enamelled steel cylinders. Stainless steel cylinders also store heated water at higher temperatures than standard water heaters.

Energy Efficient

AquaMAX’s gas storage hot water systems are very efficient and will help you save on energy bills.

Significantly Lighter

The stainless steel cylinders are significantly lighter than traditional enamelled steel cylinders, making them versatile and easy to install.

No Anode Required

AquaMAX’s gas storage hot water heaters do no require an anode, this reduces their lifetime servicing costs.

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Please note: Pricing is for a straight swap over only at the current location where the existing system meets all current standards & regulations. Prices include a 15mm non-return isolating valve, approved base, 15mm cold water expansion valve, 15mm tempering valve, pressure limiting valve, lagging as required, up to 3m of drain line to a permitted point of discharge, QBCC form 4 & gas system compliance certificate & plate.

Extras may include: relocation of the system, 20mm pipework & valves, additional drain line length, upgrade or extension to the gas main or installation of a rubble pit.

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