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Fujitsu Split System Air Conditioning



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Australia’s Favourite Air!

Fujitsu General Australia strives to consistently provide high quality, energy efficient, reliable products accompanied by superior customer service. Fujitsu are considered ‘Australia’s Favourite Air’, which means they are the best air conditioning company to deal with in Australia, not just a leading air conditioning brand. Whether you need a solution for a small bedroom, or large living space, Fujitsu’s combination of technology, insight and design will provide the most effective and efficient air conditioning solution for you.


Fujitsu Lifestyle 2.5KW

$2055 Supply and Installed

Fujitsu Lifestyle 3.5KW

$2270 Supply and Installed

Fujitsu Lifestyle 5.0KW

$2990 Supply and Installed

Fujitsu Lifestyle 6.0KW

$3210 Supply and Installed

Fujitsu Lifestyle 7.1KW

$3440 Supply and Installed

Fujitsu Lifestyle 8.5KW

$4190 Supply and Installed

Fujitsu Lifestyle 9.4KW

$4695 Supply and Installed


Looking for a local Tradie?
Hewitt Trade Services is here to help!


Looking for a local Tradie?
Hewitt Trade Services is here to help!


Why Choose Fujitsu?

Comfort and Convenience

Comfort and convenience features across the lifestyle range allow the air conditioning unit to reach a desired room temperature quickly and efficiently. The units indoor and outdoor fans can run at a lower speed for quieter operation as is recognised whilst operating in low noise and super quiet modes.

Energy Efficiency

The lifestyle range of wall mounted reverse cycle air conditioning units are Fujitsu General’s most efficient. An improved star rating for heating mode has been achieved across the ASTG18/22/24KMTC product range, along with an improved star rating in cooling mode on the ASTG18KMTC model. Other energy management features include Human Sensor Control, Economy Mode and Weekly Timers.

Human Sensor Control

The Human Sensor feature detects the movement of people in the room to deliver optimum efficiency and temperature control. When in operation, if the sensor detects no movement in a room after 20 minutes, the air conditioner will automatically switch to energy saving operation, modifying the temperature to minimise energy consumption.

When someone re-enters the room, the human sensor will detect movement and return the air conditioner to its previous setting.

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Please note: These prices are based on a low-set back to back installation where the head unit and outdoor units are installed on the same wall and within 3 meters of each other. Pricing allows for the indoor unit to be mounted on or against an external wall, outdoor unit installed on an existing flat and level surface, 3m of refrigerant pair coil, 5m of drain conduit, 20m power circuit (if required), capping and isolation switch as per AU standards, decommission and removal of the existing unit (if required).

Effective 1st of May 2023, additional charges will apply how homes that are built with Silica Containing Materials (SCM). As a guide, a penetration through a SCM wall (i.e. brick veneer, cement sheeting) will incur a $150 charge, a penetration through a double brick cavity wall will incur a $250 charge, and wall mounting an outdoor unit onto a brick wall will incur a $50 charge.