Panasonic Split System Air Conditioning

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Quality Air For Life!

Panasonic are committed to delivering more than just cooling and heating solutions, they consistently strive to improve the quality of your air, so that you can improve the quality of your life. As well as a cool/warm, comfortable home, a Panasonic air conditioner provides the ultimate peace of mind with their Anti-Bacterial Filter, quiet operation, and their 5 year warranty.

Panasonic’s air conditioners utilise AEROWINGS technology to deliver precise control of airflow direction, as well as powerful cooling, for a comfortable environment. Panasonic also invest in market leading connectivity, so you can control your air in more ways (now including Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa).

Panasonic AERO RZ Series 2.5kW

$1580 Supply and Installed

Panasonic AERO RZ Series 3.5kW

$1745 Supply and Installed

Panasonic AERO RZ Series 4.2kW

$1920 Supply and Installed

Panasonic AERO RZ Series 5.0kW

$2240 Supply and Installed

Panasonic AERO RZ Series 6.0kW

$2400 Supply and Installed

Panasonic AERO RZ Series 7.1kW

$2600 Supply and Installed

Panasonic AERO RZ Series 8.0kW

$3320 Supply and Installed


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Why Choose Panasonic?

Designed for Australia

Experience an outstanding operating temperature range. Cooling is possible even at an outside temperature of 46ºC and heating possible even at a freezing -15ºC.

Built Tough to Last

Panasonic outdoor units are built to last in the harsh Australian environment. Internal components are built to withstand the damaging effects of salty air, dust, wind and rain.

Count On Panasonic

Panasonic air conditioners are manufactured to ensure years of comfort. They even back their reliability by offering a full 5 year parts and labour warranty for both residential and commercial use.

Quiet Operation

Panasonic Air Conditioning is amongst the quietest in the world. Both their indoor and outdoor units have been engineered to ensure you get a peaceful night’s sleep.

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Please note: These prices are based on a standard back to back installation where the head unit and outdoor units are installed on the same wall and within 3 meters of each other. Pricing allows for the indoor unit to be mounted on or against an external wall, outdoor unit installed on an existing flat and level surface, 3m of refrigerant pair coil, 5m of drain conduit, 20m power circuit (if required), capping and isolation switch as per AU standards, decommission and removal of the existing unit (if required).

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