Thermann Gas Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

Committed to Delivering the Ultimate Hot Water Experience!

Precision engineered for efficiency and long life, Thermann is setting new standards for hot water systems in Australia. Packed with innovative features and proven technology, Thermann delivers the ultimate hot water experience every day. What’s more, Thermann is committed to total customer care, so you’ll enjoy market-leading warranties and full after sales support for many years to come.

Thermann continuous flow hot water systems ensure you will have enough hot water, when you need it. With the option of universal controllers, you will always have precise control of your hot water temperature settings. Thermann offers a 12 year warranty, so you can rest assured you are covered for the life of the unit.

Thermann 6 Star 26L Gas Continuous Flow

Model: 26NG50-6/LP50-6

12 Year Warranty*
50˚C Natural Gas or LPG
2-3 Bathrooms
$1595.00 Supply and Installed

Note: 60˚C units extra

Thermann 6 Star 20L Gas Continuous Flow

Model: 20NG50-6/LP50-6

12 Year Warranty*
50˚C Natural Gas or LPG
1-2 Bathrooms
$1535.00 Supply and Installed

Note: 60˚C units extra

Thermann 6 Star 16L Gas Continuous Flow

Model: 16NG50-6/LP50-6

12 Year Warranty*
50˚C Natural Gas or LPG
1 Bathroom
$1465.00 Supply and Installed

Note: 60˚C units extra


We supply, install and repair Gas Hot Water Systems across Brisbane!

Why Choose Thermann?

Thermann Know Hot Water

Over the journey, Thermann have learnt a great deal about what plumbers and customers want in hot water systems. Everything they do is designed to make it easier for you to choose the right system, install that system and service that system.

Thermann Are All About Reliability

At Thermann, they know just how important hot water is to the smooth functioning of your home. Reliability is everything. When you choose Thermann, you’re getting precision-engineered equipment made with the best components and materials. Every one of their hot water units is made for Australian conditions.

Thermann Go The Extra Mile

Thermann take a total approach to support. They offer market-leading warranties as well as comprehensive after sales care. They’re 100% committed to the satisfaction of their customers. So in the unlikely event something does go wrong, you can be certain the issue will be fixed as fast as possible.

Thermann Believe in Quality

Thermann’s hot water units have been developed to ensure they are the best quality on the market. They have taken great care to design systems and integrate robust technologies that deliver absolute performance. All of their products go through rigorous testing to ensure you’ll enjoy perfect hot water, every day.

Thermann Are Forward Thinking

New hot water technologies are emerging all the time. At Thermann, they’re continually looking for the best hot water solutions. They integrate the latest innovative features into their products to make it easier for you to run your household and enjoy life. You can be certain you will get a system that offers ‘best in class’ efficiency.

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Please note: Pricing is for a straight swap over only at the current location where the existing system meets all current standards & regulations & where applicable, a power point has been installed. Prices include a 15mm water isolating valve, 15mm gas isolating valve, lagging as required, QBCC form 4 & gas system compliance certificate & plate.

Extras may include: relocation of the system, 20mm pipework & valves, installation of a power point, upgrade or extension to the gas or water main, installation/removal of a tempering valve, installation of a heat shield & upgrade to the 60deg models.

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