We know how uncomfortable it can get when your air conditioning isn’t working. Brisbane’s weather can get hot and sunny during summer. We understand the need for you to have a fully functioning air condition system in place. A fault in your electrical system shouldn’t be a hindrance to you enjoying some cool fresh air in your home.

You will definitely need a reliable electrical contractor to fix the air conditioning in your residential or commercial property. Over the years, our specialty has been in air conditioning with an impeccable track record that is hard to beat. Ensuring that our clients are happy and satisfied is at the core of our business.

Our team of experienced and professional estimators and installers are very responsive to our client’s calls and emails. Moreover, our staff are well trained and up to date with the job requirements and undergo regular training to stay up to date with the latest trends so as to offer you high-quality services.

Installation, Repairs, and Service on Brisbane Northside & Southside

For the past 15 years, Hewitt Trade Services has been at the core of providing superior commercial and residential air conditioning services. Our list of happy clients continues to grow by the numbers at the dawn of each day. Affordability and quality are what make us the best air conditioning company in the Northside and Southside area of Brisbane.

In addition, we’ve partnered with the most trusted suppliers – Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin among others – available in the market to ensure you get value for your money. Whether you are looking to have your air conditioning installed, repaired or serviced, our skilled tradesmen are experienced in all this. We also offer minor and major air conditioning services

Our minor services include:

  • Cleaning of filters in front of fan coil
  • Fan coil head unit cleaning
  • Inspection of your electrical connections
  • Flush drain operation
  • Inspection of the airflow from the head unit
  • Inspection of the refrigerant gas pressure
  • Removal of any obstructions on the outdoor unit

Major services we offer at Hewitt Trade Services are:

  • Cleaning of filters in front of the fan coil
  • Cleaning of the fan coil at the head unit
  • Removal and cleaning of head unit covers
  • Removal and cleaning of the fan barrel
  • Inspection of the flush drain operation
  • Electrical connection inspection
  • Head unit airflow inspection
  • Checking of refrigerant gas pressures at the compressor
  • Removal of obstructions on the outdoor unit

Our solutions are tailor made to suit the respective individual and their needs. Our team of tradesmen are able to visit your property, assess and give you the best advice suitable to you. We also offer expert advice on best market practices on how best to keep your air conditioner in good working condition.

Choosing Between Split & Ducted Systems

Finding the best suitable system when it comes to your air conditioning needs should be key. Most of your free time is spent in your home, and you wouldn’t enjoy it if your safe haven is uncomfortable.

There are two major types of air conditioning systems that you can consider:

  • Split System Air Conditioning

The split air conditioning system is ideal when you need a few rooms or areas heated or cooled. The split system is cost effective and works best for the key areas you need air conditioned. Your exact location and home design will also influence the installation of the split system.

Although it’s an easy air conditioning system to install, different situations may make the process complex. No matter the complexity of the installation, our team is well experienced and have up to date skills to enable them to install, repair or service your split system air condition.

  • Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Unlike the split system, the ducted system is ideal for the warming or cooling of an entire home. The ducted system uses one system to control the cooling and warming of your home. You are able to cool the separate rooms at different periods.

The duct system is usually fixed in the ceiling of your house. It’s therefore out of sight and won’t affect your home’s décor. Ducted air conditioning systems are suitable when you are building a new home. However, even already existing homes can have one installed.

Book an appointment with us and let our trusted team take care of your air conditioning needs regardless of whether its repair, maintenance or installation.

The Best Air Conditioning Services at an affordable price

Beyond the quality workmanship that we are known for, our services are affordable. Our rates are competitive and second to none in the market. Although we are affordable, we don’t compromise on our services or quality of products used.

If you are shopping for a pocket-friendly air conditioning company in Brisbane that won’t hurt your budget, then we at Hewitt are your best shot. We have no hidden charges. Our team will work with you and explain every charge on your quote to ensure you have all the necessary information you need to give us the greenlight to serve you.

Why Choose Our Experts

Our tradesmen will offer you great expert advice on how you can maintain your air conditioner. Our services are fast, affordable, reliable and have the highest turnaround in the market. We have installed, repaired and serviced more than a thousand properties.

Our skilled team goes through regular training to ensure they are up to date with the market trends and meet the requirements of the governing body. Besides, our team of experts are licensed and accredited. With us, you get nothing but the best service right at your doorstep.

In addition, our team of tradesmen are fully trained to install, service and repair any type of air conditioning system. With the understanding that your needs are important, we will ensure that your system is back up and running in case of any breakdown.

So, whether you own a commercial, government or residential property, get in touch with us and let’s be part of making your home comfortable.

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