Brisbane is the most popular region in the Sunshine State, that’s because we get some of the best sun in all of Queensland. And it’s believed this is the reason why so many Brisbanites are turning to solar power. Not only does solar help you to take control of your power bills, but also to reduce your overall carbon footprint in an ever changing global environment.

The way to get most value out or your solar system is to use the power as it’s produced. By self consuming your own solar energy directly, you’ll avoid having to buy energy from the power grid. Energy you buy from the grid is normally at around 400% more per kWh compared to what your electricity retailer will credit you for yours. So it is important we make small habitual changes, such as putting the washing or dishwasher on, running your pool pump, reheating your electric hot water, all during the day instead of at night.

Hewitt Trade Services can now help you tailor an expert solar solution to suit all of your energy needs. We can help you choose the right solar system, simply have your energy bill ready when we come out to your free consultation, and we’ll work the rest out for you. Book a free quote today and have your solar system fully installed to our highest reputable standard.


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