Anyone who owns or runs a business knows that the bills are never ending. But what most business owners don’t realise is that you can invest in a commercial solar system to take back control of your quarterly power bill. Most commercial properties have a large surface area of unused roof that could be fitted with solar panels, directly reducing your power bills, sometimes even putting you into credit depending on how much your commercial solar system is able to feed back into the main phase of your power supply.

To give you an indication of potential savings, a 20kW commercial solar system could save your business around $2,000 a quarter on power (this can vary depending on your price p/kWh). If your quarterly bill is less than this, then your solar investment will be making you money. A commercial solar system of this size has a return on investment well under 5 years, which means not only will your business reduce its future operation costs by becoming independent from the ever-increasing costs of electricity, but also would become part of a more sustainable Australian future.

Hewitt Trade Services can help you tailor an expert solar solution to suit all of your commercial energy needs. We can help you choose the right solar system, simply have your energy bill ready when we come out to your free consultation, and we’ll work the rest out for you. Book a free quote today and have your solar system fully installed to our highest reputable standard.



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We have been helping Brisbane families with air conditioning since 2002. We have decades of industry knowledge and take great pride in providing superior service and workmanship 100% of the time. We also offer a 5-year installation warranty so you can have peace of mind that your solar system has been installed to the highest quality standard.




We have an extremely friendly and knowledgeable customer service team available Monday to Friday from 7am to 5pm. Our dedicated team will assist you with any question or query you may have and will continue to provide superior customer support for many years to come.




We offer free on site quotes and advice to all of our customers. This is to ensure that we can tailor a solar system solution that’s the right fit for you.




All of our tradesmen are employees of Hewitt Trade Services, not contractors. All of our employees are professional, polite and experienced tradesmen and live locally near you.




We have a working showroom open to the public so our customers can see exactly what they’re buying before they buy it. We understand not everyone has the time to get down to see our showroom, so we even have a virtual tour available.




We come to you! We can supply everything required for your job and bring it with us on the day. We will also come to you for any quote or advice that you require.



Looking for a local Tradie?
Hewitt Trade Services is here to help!


Looking for a local Tradie?
Hewitt Trade Services is here to help!