Regardless of whether it’s a pool, kitchen, laundry or bathroom, water and electricity do not mix. Bare feet and wet skin can make you more susceptible to electric shock. If you are in a pool, even a small shock could lead to drowning due to loss of muscle control. 

Using electrical appliances near a pool that are powered through an electric lead is not a good idea. Either move them away from the pool, use battery powered devices or have appliances such as lights hard-wired into a circuit.

Using electrical appliances in the bathroom can be dangerous if the appliance falls into water or it is affected by moisture in the air.

Follow these simple tips to ensure the safe use of electrical appliances near water and the safety of your family.

  • Never use any electrical appliance near water or touch anything electrical with wet hands.
  • In the bathroom, switch off and unplug all portable electric appliances after use and store in a location where they will not get wet or damaged.
  • Do not use portable heaters in bathroom wet areas – it is best to have a strip heater or a ceiling unit installed by your electrician.
  • Do not use portable power boards or double adaptors in laundries or bathrooms.
  • If an electrical appliance that is not designed for use in water gets wet, or gets water inside it, have it checked by an electrician or manufacturer’s authorised repairer. Low cost equipment may not be repairable and should be disposed of safely so it can not be reused.
  • Do not use extension leads or power leads near outdoor wet areas, unless they are specifically designed for external use.
  • Wear rubber or plastic-soled shoes when using electrical appliances in laundries, on concrete floors or outdoors.
  • Only use a licensed electrician to install and maintain your pool’s wiring and electrical equipment. Talk to them about the safest locations for power points and electrical equipment in a weatherproof structure and always keep the protective and waterproof covers in place, except during maintenance.

Safety Tip:

Electric high pressure water cleaners need special attention when being used to ensure you do not spray onto outdoor electrical equipment, power points or light switches. Check the power supply cord is not damaged, squashed of left lying in a pool of water.


Content courtesy of Energex


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