Hewitt Electrical: Our Services, Costs and Getting the Job Done!

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At Hewitt Trade Services we pride ourselves on our 15 years of experience in providing electrical services around Brisbane. Our team of electricians are:

  • Professional
  • Qualified
  • Experienced

We provide a trustworthy and reliable team of electricians who get every job done with a premium quality standard. Our focus is on 100% customer satisfaction on all of our electrical services and providing the best possible electrical service to our local community.

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General electrical services
What other electrical services do we offer?
Swimming pool and spa electrical services
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How long will it take to complete the job?

General Electrical Services

Allowing unskilled professionals to work on your electrical job may do you more harm than good. Without proper safety measures, experience and the correct qualifications incorrectly wired electrical jobs may result in electrical fires in your home or cause injury.


types of electrical services


At Hewitt Trade Services, our qualified and professional electricians can provide you with a wide range of general electrical services that include:

Powerpoint Electrical Services:

  • Powerpoint installation
  • Powerpoint repairs


Lighting and Fan Electrical Services:

  • Downlights
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Safety lighting
  • Garden, patio and driveway lighting
  • Security lighting
  • Floodlighting
  • Exhaust and bathroom fan installations
  • Ceiling fans
  • Exit lights


Smoke Alarm Electrical Services

  • Smoke alarm installations
  • Smoke alarm hard wiring


Switchboard Upgrades and Repair Electrical Services

  • Switchboard upgrade
  • Switchboard repair
  • Switchboard rewiring


Phone, Data and TV Electrical Services

  • Data wiring and outlets
  • TV wiring and sockets

What Other Electrical Services do We Offer?

Whether you are looking for an electrician for your domestic residential needs or perhaps someone with the commercial contracting experience to tackle the bigger jobs our electricians will be able to provide you with Brisbane’s best and most efficient electrical services.


scope of electrical services


As an electrical contractor, we pride ourselves on our wide scope of electrical services, beyond the general electrical services we also specialise in:

  • Kitchen and other electrical appliances
  • New buildings
  • Renovations
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Test and tag
  • Swimming pool and spas


Kitchen and other electrical appliances – An easy and effective way to bring your kitchen into the twenty-first century is to upgrade your appliances. We can supply and/or install your new appliances including ovens, cooktops, dishwashers, clothes dryers and range hoods.

New buildings and renovations – When you are building or renovating you will require the help with quality electrical services. You can trust us to help you create the ideal lighting and wiring plan for your project. We can even advise you on the right electrical fixtures or fittings to work in with your decor.

Pre-purchase inspections – Before you invest in a property, do you know the condition of your electrical wiring? Wiring is out of sight, out of mind. Electrical services and rewiring a whole home can run into thousands of dollars. A simple pre-purchase inspection will give you detailed information about the state of your electrical wiring – information that can be invaluable when negotiating a final price for the home.

Test and tag – If you run a business, you need to ensure the safety of your employees and clients visiting your property through regular testing and tagging of all electrical goods on the premises. We can conduct an annual test and tag visits for your business to ensure you comply with all workplace health and safety regulations.

Swimming Pool and Spa Electrical Services

As Queenslanders, having a pool or spa to escape the long hot summers is almost essential. At Hewitt Trade Services, we specialise in electrical services for your swimming pool and spa. Our electrical staff are well trained and equipped to offer you nothing short of impeccable electrical service.


swimming pool electrical services


It is important that a certain rating is used when it comes to pool wiring and spa wiring – when standard wiring gets wet it shorts out, so it’s not at all suitable. There are also certain restrictions in place for when and where power outlets can be installed in the vicinity of water. This is why it is important that only qualified pool electricians handle the installation, maintenance and repair of such wiring. By offering regular staff training, we ensure that our electricians are up to date and qualified to provide you with all your swimming pool and spa electrical needs.

At Hewitt Trade Services, we have many years of experience installing everything electrical for residential pools and spas including:

  • Pool lighting
  • Tariff controls
  • Earthing requirements
  • Switchboard requirements
  • Outdoor weatherproof power points
  • Much more


In addition, we can even provide on-site recommendations for the best power circuit locations as well as suggested trenching areas.

Dangers of unprofessional wiring of your pool or spa – Because of the increased risk of electrical shock when it comes to water and electricity, there are strict requirements that must be met for any electrical service. This covers specifics ranging from electrical bonding, surrounding conductive metal parts, and more. This is why it’s absolutely essential for an expert electrician to handle these complicated installations.

By hiring a Hewitt Trade Services professional electrician, you will avoid:

  • Potential electrical shock – This can occur due to poorly installed electrical equipment (water circulation and filtration).
  • Power tripping out with your spa or pool -This can be both annoying and deadly.
  • Save money by preventing appliance damage – Pool pumps, water heaters, and filtration systems are all extremely expensive to purchase.

Cost of Electrical Services

Our electrical services are very affordable. Most times when people hear of affordable electrical services they worry about compromised quality. For us, however, quality and affordability go hand in hand. We offer unbeatable rates that are second to none in the whole of Brisbane.

Common electrical services include lighting installation, ceiling fan installation, power points, safety switches, and complete rewiring or circuit repair. They are all priced differently due to a variety of reasons. It is best to contact Hewitt Trade Services so that we can discuss and provide you with a quote for your specific needs. To give you a guide, the factors that we will consider when quoting a job may include:

  • Size of the job – The bigger the job, the longer it will take to finish.
  • Level of difficulty – Depending on the complexity of your job, the task may be done quickly or it may take longer to complete.
  • Materials – The materials that you’re going to use will have an effect on the total cost of your job too. Different types of materials have varying costs.


You can contact us at Hewitt Trade Services to get a quote on any of our electrical services so that you know exactly how much a job will cost you before you commit.

How long will it take to complete the job?

At Hewitt Trade Services, we do not compromise on quality or safety when it comes to our electrical services, you can be assured that our team of professional, reliable and trustworthy electricians will aim to complete any electrical service efficiently but the safety of our customers and staff will always be our priority. It is hard to predict how long a specific job will take without looking at the requirements of the electrical service you require and the home or building where the electrical work will be conducted. What might seem like a straightforward simple job might take longer for a number of factors.

Factors that may affect the duration of the job include:

  • Old vs new home
  • Old vs new wiring
  • Old switchboards – you may require an upgrade
  • The quality of previous electrical work
  • The location of existing outlets/wiring
  • Scope of the job

Contact us at Hewitt Trade Services and we can come out and assess your property and provide you with a quote that takes in any factors that will affect the duration of the electrical service. We can then provide you with a guide as to how long we estimate it will take to complete.

To learn more about our electrical services, contact one of our friendly team members on 07 3634 0200.